The Chu-Teng Board or Plate (中天盤 in japanese) is a Chu-Teng item. It's a guide of the world of Chu-Teng in a similar way to the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book.

Contents Edit

  • Myth (神話)
  • Chu-Teng Map (中天図)
  • Items Guide (品物誌)
  • Light Biographies (光列伝)
  • Darkness Biographies (闇列伝)
  • Sun Board (日図盤)
  • Moon Board (月図盤)
  • Star Board (星図盤)
  • Sein (セイン)
  • Zakoin (ザコイン)

Notes Edit

  • 図盤 can be translated as "illustrated plate" and "circuit diagram".

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