Ka-gyou (KA-GI-YO-U) is a Tong-Nou creature. He is the king of Shi-chieng, the Land of Time.


Ka-gyou book

Ka-gyou in the Illustrated Book

Ka-gyou can be summoned by typing his name in the Computer Room Thi-eng, in the Fire-Tower of Time Tong-tah, in Shi-chieng.

When the player is Kai, Ka-gyou gives them the mission to extinguish Kai's candle in the Plains of Chi-u.

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This article contains important plot details.

At the end of the game, Tou-gyou reveals that with the other three kings, Ka-gyou overthrew him, cut him up into eight pieces, and scattered the pieces throughout the land after they found out about the use of human souls.

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