Nanshu (ナンシュ or 囗厶 in japanese) is a Chu-Teng creature who is the gatekeeper of the Mid-Heaven. He is capable of withstanding the darkness from Gaiten.

Biography Edit

Nanshu is the separated body from the supernatural being of the same name in Chu-Teng. When Nanshu had to protect the Mid-Heaven from the Moon Palace soldiers, Nanshu’s body is so massive and heavy in size, that only his floating head could bulge to the task.

Unfortunately, this lead to Nanshu’s body being discarded in a room in the Star Palace in the early part of the game. The separation of Nanshu’s head from his body leaves his body mostly paralyzed, and with him missing external organs like his nose and mouth.

Appearance Edit

Nanshu’s yellow and purple body alone appears at first glance to be a complete figure. He has a circular head with 9 eyes, two massive arms that stretch down towards his feet, and spiky grills on his circular torso.

Nanshu’s torso displays two large breasts with yellow centers and red and yellow circles around them. He has a large space of circular yellow gradients on all four limbs.

Parts Edit

Nanshu's nose Edit

In the game, Nanshu's nose is given to you by Nanshu's headless body in a room in the Star Palace.

Nanshu's ears Edit

When Nanshu's head broke apart after being attacked by darkness, his two ears became the Chu-Teng Record; a handheld computer that will give you useful information about Chu-Teng.

Nanshu's body Edit

When Nanshu decapitated himself to become a guardian of Chu-Teng, his body was discarded in a room in the Star Palace. His body stays in this room, always waiting for the head to return. When you talk to this body in-game, it will lend you Nanshu's nose.

You also should hand him a bouquet of daisies to re posture his crippled body in the earlier parts of the game.

Nanshu's mouth Edit

In the game, Nanshu's mouth is given to you by one of the Suugame on Planet Magatama.

Nanshu's eyes Edit

When Nanshu's head broke apart, his left eye became the ship that will allow Rin to travel around Chu-Teng. His right eye is lost in Chu-Teng, and can only be retrieved using the Seven Stars.