Reincarnation is a game mechanic in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-nou. To enter the Central Mountain Tong-nou and complete the game, Rin must die and be reincarnated nine times and fulfill the purpose of each reincarnation's life. Upon fulfilling the purpose of a life, Rin will earn the Nameplate corresponding to the life that was completed. Through this mechanic, there is no real way to die in Eastern Mind.

Ingame Edit


After death, the player will be presented with an option to restart the life they are currently living or begin a new life. If the player chooses to begin a new life, they will be presented with a part selection screen. The combination of parts that are chosen will determine the life the player will live. After selecting a combination of parts, the player will be born from the Tree of Life in Ming-ken (Land of Life) and automatically taken to the land they need to begin their journey in.

Combinations Edit

(Parts are numbered from left to right.)

Tou: Eye 1, Nose 1, Mouth 1

Zen: Eye 2, Nose 1, Mouth 1

Sha: Eye 1, Nose 2, Mouth 1

Jin: Eye 1, Nose 1, Mouth 2

Kai: Eye 2, Nose 2, Mouth 2

Gyou: Eye 1, Nose 2, Mouth 2

Byou: Eye 2, Nose 1, Mouth 2

Retsu: Eye 2, Nose 2, Mouth 1