Sha is a Tong-Nou Creature and one of the possible reincarnations of Rin in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou.

Appearance Edit


Sha is a tall, indigo humanoid. His head appears to be based on a guitar or another similar stringed instrument. His ears are round and flat. Sha's torso is a more blue color and is made up of spheres. On his chest are two keyboards facing each other. His purple legs are obscured by a yellow, fanlike object, attached to his body by three blue spheres. Sha's arms are red and extremely thin.

Role Edit

Sha's purpose is to collect the four musical instruments of Tong-Nou. Once he collects them, he must put them in his room and hear them play. This fulfills Sha's goal, and he dies.

Instruments Edit

  • A bulky instrument comprised of several size-to-scale bells.
  • A bongo drum.
  • A bamboo flute.

Name originEdit

Sha's name is a syllable of the Kuji (九字), a series of nine syllables. The kanji "sha" (者) can be interpreted as "one".