Tabelinai are green creatures found within Ming-ken (Land of Life).

Appearance Edit


Tabelinai are round, green creatures similar in appearance to a jellyfish or an octopus. Several teal tendrils

hang from their spherical green bodies, and a yellow eyestalk that branches into several smaller yellow tendrils can seemingly extrude from behind the Tabelinai. Their facial features are on the front of their bodies, and consist of four eyes (two small eyes above two larger eyes), a red-lipped mouth with sharp teeth, a nose, and a fleshy crest above the upper pair of eyes on the Tabelinai's forehead.

Speech Edit

The Tabelinai seems to speak in a crude manner, repeating words and its own name several times to form a simple sentence. They are only shown speaking once, during an encounter in the Land of Life.

Ingame Edit

The Tabelinai can be encountered upon entering the Land of Life and turning right, where one will emerge from the rock-covered soil and eat the player. The player can avoid being eaten by either having an Amulet or clicking on Tabelinai's cavity on its lower front tooth.

Tabelinai Eat

The screen shown when the player is eaten by Tabelinai.

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