The Tong-Nou Illustrated Book (東脳図絵 Tong-Nou Zue in Japanese) is a Tong-Nou item. It is a guide presenting various pieces of useful information the island of Tong-Nou. It comes with three bookmarks, which the player can place on certain pages, and which, when clicked on, open up to the bookmarked page.

Contents Edit

The Tong-Nou Illustrated Book has eight chapters.

1) Tong-Nou Myth

Introduces you to Tong-Nou. Describes a world creation myth and tells how Tong-Nou became the island it is today.

2) Tong-Nou World Map

Shows the five lands of Tong-Nou.

3) Tong-Nou Country Map

Geographical maps of each of the five lands of Tong-Nou.

4) Tong-Nou Creature Profile

Biographies of all creatures in Tong-Nou.

5) Tong-Nou Exchange Market

Gives you some information about the phantom marketplace Hou-Ang and it's owner, Mai-Chiu.

6) Tong-Nou Table of Goods and Effects

Descriptions of all of the items in Tong-Nou, what the do and what you can use them for.

7) Tong-Nou Prophecy

A chapter describing souls, why they are important and the future of the Island of Tong-Nou.

8) Tong-Nou Scripture of Clues

This chapter shows the five Magatamas which Rin must find to regain his soul.

Tong-Nou Myth Edit

Tong-Nou Mythology

1. Tong-Nou Isle

Far to the east, floats an island called Tong-Nou. The island exists as an isolated organic being in the shape of a human head. Tong-Nou is a vast neuro-cellular world where mysterious creatures lurk.

2. The Beginning

In the beginning, chaos divided into Ying and Yang. Heaven and Earth* were born. On the surface of the Earth*, the Sun and Moon intersected bearing Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Wood produced Fire, Fire delivered Earth, Earth nursed Metal, Metal summoned Water, and Water fostered Wood. From this chain reaction, the world was created.

*Earth : the scene of existence in contrast to the unastronomical region heaven

3. Isle of Purgation

This world was then handed over to newly born humans. The five sacred elements having fulfilled their duties, assembled to the limits of the cast and formed the Tong-Nou isle. To stabilize the souls of troubled humans, this island became sacred grounds for purification.

4. Isle of Impurity

Once a year, Tong-Nou, the island of purgation, called forth the feeble souls of humans where they were once again restored into healthy souls. Suddenly, Tong-Nou transfigured into an ominous island which devours souls haphazardly. People since have come to fear Tong-Nou as an island of impurity.