Tou-gyou (TO-U-GI-YO-U) is a Tong-Nou creature. He is the king of Tong-nou, the Central Mountain.


Tou-gyou symbol

A Tou-gyou symbol in Ping-chao

Symbols of Tou-gyou appear in multiple places in the Tong-Nou World to give the player important tips.

Spoiler warning!
This article contains important plot details.

After all Magatamas (apart from the Earth Magatama) are collected, a Tou-gyou symbol on the stairs of the Central Mountain gives the player the Katana Gem and instructs the player to find the Forces from the other symbols. After this is complete, the Katana Gem becomes the Katana of Five Forces, which can be used to free the final Magatama, the Earth Magatama, from inside of Par-fang. After this is completed, Tou-gyou himself appears, and he reveals that the island of Tong-Nou was once a peaceful island where humans would come to heal their souls, but the other kings wanted the souls for themselves, so they overthrew Tou-gyou, cut him up into eight pieces, and divided the pieces throughout the land.

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