Zakoin (ザコイン in japanese) is a Chu-Teng creature that can be found on the last floor of the Five-Story Pagoda where he gives you the Yellow Shell.

Dialogues Edit

Japanese English
It would be better to pay attention

as the treasure of the Star Shrine, the Seven Stars have fakes. It looks like this, it has an extraordinary resemblance, doesn't it?

Furthermore, you can't retrieve them unless you use a method that is known only to Suinshin. Well, about Suinshin, try asking the princess of the Moon Shrine, Sein.

The real Seven Stars grant a light with Suinshin's name attached. It is neither the light of the sun or the moon, but it carries a power of light inside it Only this light is able to defeat the pitch black space Chuihei that is what I believe.

But you see, the only one to defeat Chuihei is Nanshu alone. You need to return his face as before. Thus I ask you to search the split up parts of the face of Nanshu.

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